Thursday, May 21, 2009

*more bonus

In our society, physical apperence has taken control, and with the help of beauty salons and spas a relaxing massage, a manicure or a wax became more affordable. With different prices more people, specially woman in NY preffers to have a little taste of power over other individuals strange to them.
In this kind of labor, emotion play the role. For example the employee has to show their best, be calm and delicate. Blocking any emotional frustration that will interfer with the job.

Status is also important. For example, if a women goes to an interview in an office after a manucure, a facial, a waxing and well dressed will have more possibility to get the job than a women without any of this decorations, because the one that has all this stuff on her will look like it haws a higher status, it cares more for herself and also it will have good image-that in favor to the company-

This also bring us to check out the social status. Most of the people. *specially woman* that use this kind of service is because they wanna bring some kind of higher social image.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

post #6: Essay 3 ?

How emotions of women affect to the women now, and what is the difference within the past?
Is it possible that their emotions affect somehow in their status,in their place in society the way they get pay and how people around them relates their emotions with what they think about woman?


how do you aply your emotions in your job?
sometimes, when the day is going bad, at school... do you try to express a different feeling to the students in order to stay with the rutine?

Do you feel that status affect in the way people treats you?

what was your inspiration to start teaching?

What would you feel if a student thanks you for their achievenment?

There is some way you relate to students emotionally, like in understanding their problems and mistakes?

What does your family think about teaching?

Do you ever think in changing your profession to somethink else?

What did your teachers mean to you when you where a student? There is anyone that you remember?

Do you think is a fare wage what the school pays you, or you where better pay in different locacion -in another state or country-?

Do you think is ok for a woman to not develop their intellectual qualities?

If you where in a different country in which you are not able to develop your carrear what else would you do for living?

Do you think your status will stay the same...? if not how do you think people will treat you... and how will you relate with others?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

post #2: Status

status differs in places, culture, religion and with people... it doesn't necesarely requieres money or stuff. To have status i think, you need to be like a 'role model' for the people around you, flowing with their rules and ways to see the word. Is just like a movie, the hero is always the one which people admires and gets most of the credit.

post #1 a long hour day

My currient job, that actually is the first job I ever done, it's kind of easy, I just gotta listen to people and tell them how much they own me, I work in a lind of fresh fast food restaurant, by the time i started everything was bad, i make a lot of mistake, i couldn't understand the people, etc...
But i remember this horrible day, it was thanks giving Day, well the deal is that because this restaurant is located around many brand outlets stores people tends to go frecuently, but because it was 'black friday' a lot more people was there, and i had to stay awake around 30 hours. It was like the worst day of my life, really crazy... too much people asking for so many things, i even remember one man ask for a lot of things, and then when i hit the cash, he was like... can i have this too... (it was a boddle of water), so i said ok. and then i give him the change and he siad was wrong,-like if i don't know how much I have to give- so he made a big deal about it, then my mannager count the money- in fron of him- print the history of the machine, and. Iwas right, but he still saying that i give him less money... (even thoughtbehind him was a long line coming from idk where) Soo, the owner went to his office, check the tape and saw that i give him the change. But anyway. i really hate that day, and thats a really good reason for me to don't work again on thanksgivin' and for sure. to not work in places like that for the rest of my life only until i get my college degree.