Thursday, May 21, 2009

*more bonus

In our society, physical apperence has taken control, and with the help of beauty salons and spas a relaxing massage, a manicure or a wax became more affordable. With different prices more people, specially woman in NY preffers to have a little taste of power over other individuals strange to them.
In this kind of labor, emotion play the role. For example the employee has to show their best, be calm and delicate. Blocking any emotional frustration that will interfer with the job.

Status is also important. For example, if a women goes to an interview in an office after a manucure, a facial, a waxing and well dressed will have more possibility to get the job than a women without any of this decorations, because the one that has all this stuff on her will look like it haws a higher status, it cares more for herself and also it will have good image-that in favor to the company-

This also bring us to check out the social status. Most of the people. *specially woman* that use this kind of service is because they wanna bring some kind of higher social image.

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